FREE Open Source
Endpoint Detection and
Response (Open Logo EDR) Platform

Open Logo BG EDR is a free, enterprise-scale open source EDR platform available to any sized organization. This Next-Gen EDR platform provides analytic detection with full-spectrum Mitre ATT&CK visibility for event correlation and root cause analysis of adversarial tradecraft in real time.

Use this world-class EDR telemetry platform to defend firmly against threat actors and cyber criminals.

Open Logo EDR: The World’s First
Free Open Source EDR

Free Open Source EDR

FREE, Upper Case Open Logo Source EDR


The Open Logo BG EDR Project is a foundational security stack accessible to all businesses as core, open source EDR code. This world-class endpoint telemetry platform is available to all cyber-security professionals, and every sized organization, to defend against cyber threats.

Open Logo BG EDR is a full-capability EDR, offered for free because we believe in developing products and services that benefit the world at large. We mean it. And our free Open Logo BG EDR generates actionable High Fidelity Alerts that end the burdensome Alert Fatigue generated by all other EDRs, making EDR easy to use, once and for all.

Our Open Logo BG EDR is a highly sophisticated and effective EDR code base, truly one of the best in the world, and with the help of the open source community, it will become even greater.

Getting Started With Open Logo EDR
Here’s how to experience Open Logo BG EDR:
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Upper Case Open Logo EDR

There are two ways to immediately access and deploy Open Logo BG EDR:

Get Started
Let Us Help You:

(1) Register for a free Comodo Enterprise Platform account

(2) Deploy the Open Logo BG EDR sensors to your endpoints

(3) Host the free Open Logo BG EDR platform on Comodo servers. Here, security policies are set, an event data storage charge applies, and it is limited to 3 days storage. This option includes a Comodo white glove team that helps you install and deploy the Comodo Open Logo BG EDR platform.

Access Now

Do It Yourself: Access the source code, configure your environment, and refine your own EDR solution to meet your cybersecurity needs.

(1) Download the free source code from

(2) Deploy the Open Logo BG EDR sensors to your endpoint

(3) Host the Open Logo BG EDR platform instance on your own server: zero fees paid to Comodo, no restrictions on security policies, usage or storage.

EDR Deployment

Comodo remains the greatest contributor to the project. It deploys the same open source EDR sensors in it’s free commercial EDR offering, and uses the Comodo Enterprise Platform to:

•Correlate and visualize telemetry data

•Investigate security events and alerts

•Perform remediations on endpoints

Optional Capital Open Logo EDR White Glove Service
Optional EDR White Glove Service

Comodo Open Logo BG EDR technology monitors end-user devices to detect threats like ransomware and malware. It allows you to analyze what’s happening across your entire organization at a granular, base-event level so you get detailed file and device telemetry information or alerts that reveal potentially larger issues that may be leaving your endpoints vulnerable.

This is the baseline capability of Open Logo BG EDR platform, and it assures full spectrum endpoint-environment visibility with correlated, actionable data you can use to perform root-cause analyses that will lead to effective patching and remediation of vulnerabilities and exposures.

But don’t feel like you need to go this entirely alone.

We are happy to help, and are committed to getting your environment secured as immediately as possible. The Open Logo BG EDR White Glove Service provides enterprise-class setup and support!

Free Open Logo BG EDR white-glove deployment service is available for a limited time. Claim your White Glove Service now!

Optional Capital Open Logo EDR White Glove Service

We promise to convert your MSP to our best-in-class MSSP Platform instantly, easily, and with minimal effort using our foundational EDR.


We enable you to offer highly affordable SOC services to MSSP customers via 'Open Logo BG EDR and our world-class security analysts.

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We encourage you to take our sophisticated, free, open source telemetry and visibility Open Logo BG EDR platform and make it an EDR of your own.

Open Logo EDR Is Free
Stop paying for expensive Legacy EDR Licenses
and Alert Fatigue at ~$80/year per endpoint!
Free EDR

Join the masses of other businesses who are taking advantage of the power of Open Source!

  • Easy to use: No configuration required – One click to deploy!
  • Our Next-Gen EDR telemetry reveals and streamlines the context-aware security events that matter most.
  • White-glove service is available to help you deploy. For Free!